Love is so short, forgetting so long

…her hair is actually strawberry blonde.

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“I think you need to fall in love with the wrong person. I think you need to fight and cry and sweat and bleed and fail. I think you need to have bad relationships and bad breakups. I think you need all of that so that when the right person and the right relationship comes along you can sigh with relief and say, “Ah yes. That is how it’s supposed to feel.””
— Excerpt from “Conversations with my Mother” (via sensibilitaet)

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if u feel sad right now look at this bunny eating a flower



It made me so happy

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And then the cold came; the dark days when fear crept into my mind...

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Your eyes look like coming home…

Your eyes look like coming home…

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We were both young when I first saw you...

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